Bathing in Light

Bathroom – Schoonhoven, Netherlands

Preliminary design 2011

For: Private client

For a house in the historical centre of Schoonhoven Plane Sight has designed a new bathroom. Part of the brief was to study the replacement of an existing stair and if possible include this in the proposal. The southern outer wall has two windows and the client’s desire was to maximize the entrance of daylight in the interior including the adjacent landing.

The bath, shower and new stair are placed between two translucent glass walls ensuring enough daylight transmittance and creating a mystical privacy. When entering the bathroom through these bright walls one faces a reflecting black baroque wall. Two washing sinks underneath the windows emphasize the importance of the openings. A gradient in material colouring of the bathroom makes the room in total appear more equally lit; black along the façade where there’s enough light, grey in the middle and white in the interior where more light is needed.