Buiten in Bleiswijk

Good Red Super Green – Green Heart, The Netherlands

Competition 2008

In collaboration with Sander Lab and Martin Aarts

For: Bouwfonds MAB and Nirov

Good Red Super Green was the name for this competition and explains immediately the essence of the subject: how to protect our important historical landscape of ´polders´ in the Green Heart by, strangely enough, realising development in it? In our present time, it is very often difficult to preserve our very precious space by enhancing its intrinsic qualities; a more commercial value needs to be added in order to make it feasible.

Buiten in Bleiswijk (Outside in Bleiswijk) is a plan that brings the Green Heart closer to the city dweller by offering ´a house in the country´ as addition to the city apartment. This construction focuses on the two most popular living typologies: rural life and inner city life. This combination means that real estate companies rent or sell an apartment with, included in the ´package´, a parcel of land within cycling distance outside the city. Part of the profit of the parcels is used to finance protection and reconstruction of the old agricultural landscape adjacent to the area. Existing farmers are supported to keep their land and start other sustainable activities like campsites, ecologically friendly farms, educational farms and maintenance of the landscape.

The parcels are concentrated in a dense forest along the ´polder´. This forest covers the industrial areas or warehouses, mostly found on the city border close to the highways, in a more green front. As a start of the development of the architecture, a range of typologies is designed. Each particular typology is unique because of its configuration of spaces and especially it’s connection with the surroundings. They can be almost completely opened by sliding away parts of the facade, thus making the outside part of the inner space.