Tafelkavel selected for second round Building on Each Other

Aldo Trim | 4 September 2013

entorno, with Aldo Trim as architect, has been selected for the second round of the Open Call ‘Bouwen op Elkaar’ (‘Building on Each Other’), an Open Call issued by the municipality of The Hague. In a team together with U-build and Akerboom Spatial Innovation we developed a high rise concept for collective private commissioning as a new form of urban housing. We will now develop the concept into an actual design for a site along the Petroleumhaven.

Constellation wins competition Nikola-Lenivets

Aldo Trim | 2 December 2012

The project ‘Constellation’ designed by the international Creative association ‘Shishka’: Sander Lap (LAP landscape and Urban design), Juan Tur (MADHOC Arquitectura + Paisaje), Askar Ramazanov, Masha Kachalova (Rhizome group), Anton Ivanov and Aldo Trim (Plane Sight Architecture) has won the International Art Residence Design Concept Competition in Nikola Lenivets, Russia. This competition was organised by ANO ArchPolis.

New cooperation

Aldo Trim | 30 November 2012

Since november 30, 2012, entorno is officially operational. entorno (with small ‘e’) is a cooperation with different advisors working together in multi disciplinary teams. entorno creates integral solutions for our habitable environment. Its main expertises are spatial design, legal procedures, fire safety, costs, building and building permits. entorno is an extension for the independent and innovative entrepreneur. Aldo Trim was involved in the startup and is part of the team. Please visit the website entorno.nl.

e-cube selected for next round

Aldo Trim | 4 April 2012

Our proposal ‘e-cube’, made in collaboration with MoederscheimMoonen Architects, is selected for the last round of the competition ‘Project 1095, a concours by Essent’. For this energy company we designed a relocatable pavilion which provides space for debate, dialogue, presentations and events relating to the future of our energy provision.

Entry ‘Hoffelijk’ nominated for Casanova 2011

admin | 23 December 2011

The proposal ‘Hoffelijk’ (Courteous) designed by Plane Sight Architecture in collaboration with LAP Landscape & Urban Design is nominated for the Casanova 2011 competition.

Buiten in Bleiswijk in CAS

admin | 20 October 2010

CASAlphen (Centre Architecture and Urbanism Alphen aan den Rijn) has organized an exposition about proposals for living in the Green Heart. Buiten in Bleiswijk, our entry for the Good Red Super Green competition, is part of this exposition, which is accompanied by a short opening lecture given bij Sander Lap and Aldo Trim on oktober the 19th.

Selection for New Elan for neighbourhoods of the ’70′s and ’80′s

admin | 15 October 2010

As team together with MoederscheimMoonen Architects and urban planner Mattijs van Ruijven, Plane Sight Architecture is selected for the next round in the competition New Elan for neighbourhoods of the ’70′s and ’80′s. For housing corporation Mitros we’ll make a plan for rejuvenation of De Driften in Nieuwegein, a typical residential area from the 1970′s. This competition is initiated by the Netherlands Architecture Fund and housing corporation Haag Wonen.

Critical acclaim for Raising up on Reypoort

admin | 12 July 2010

Although Raising up on Reypoort was not selected for the final round, the project was critically acclaimed by the jury and competition organisation. The proces of development was interesting and Leo Harders Architecten and Plane Sight consider looking for an alternative location to develop this initiative. We would like to thank the Zebra Foundation and Dura Vermeer Bouw Heyma for their support.

Nomination for Dutch Mountains

admin | 22 April 2010

Dutch Mountains was nominated for the BNA Young Architects Competition. The jury praised the sparkling idealism and the positive image of future family life within the city.

Publication Nijmegen Glooit! and Porto Ponte Russa

Aldo Trim | 25 February 2010


The Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House from China has published Nijmegen Glooit! and Porto Ponte Russa in a international competition collection.

WIC featured at exposition Open Fort 400

Aldo Trim | 23 December 2009

Open Fort 400

WIC, Plane Sight´s entry for the Open Fort 400 competition, is featured at the exposition in the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam.

Nijmegen glooit! in Europan 9 publication

Aldo Trim | 1 December 2009

Publication Europan 9

Being one of the winning projects, Nijmegen glooit! is documented in the publication Europan 9, European Urbanity – Sustainable City and New Public Space

Aldo Trim selected for participation in the Masterclass Architecture criticism 2009

Aldo Trim | 1 December 2009


The Netherlands Architecture Fund organises the Masterclass Architecture criticism since 2008. Various known critics guide a selection of writers on architecture and urbanism in writing well based analytical texts.

Site online

Aldo Trim | 1 December 2009

December 1st, 2009. After a period of doing different projects, we finally had time to work on the site and are happy to officially present you planesight.eu.