Temporary knowledge centre – Eindhoven, Netherlands

Competition 2012, Selected

In collaboration with MoederscheimMoonen Architects

Structural engineering: IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs
Planning and costs: Studio Bouwhaven
Installations: DWA
Fire safety: Grontmij

For: Essent

The brief was to design a temporary and relocatable knowledge centre for the Dutch energy company Essent. It will be a place for an open discourse and information relating to energy, that facilitates the gathering of professionals, students, artists and scientists. Therefore this pavilion, called the e-cube, is like a tabula rasa. No window dressing of present sustainable technologies and ideals, but an empty sheet on which the future can be drawn.

The e-cube offers room for ideas. Its architecture should not offer solutions but rather trigger questions instead. The clouded white box, which contains an infinite content of imagination and dialogue, creates a desire. This desire can only be answered by entering the e-cube via an entrance designed as an App; a little icon that provides the user with numerous possibilities.

In the heart of the knowledge centre lies the e-room. This spiral shaped space is a three dimensional translation of the Essent logo. In this way the company embraces the visitor. The e-room is a marvelous space which functions as the platform for the dialogue in which the human spirit is the highest form of energy.