Casanova – Schipluiden, Netherlands

Competition 2011, Nominated

In collaboration with LAP Landscape & Urban Design

For: Urban Region Haaglanden

With an increasing focus on urbanisation and the process in which smaller cities merge into bigger regions it becomes essential to regenerate attention for villages and their characteristic landscape. Vital cities exist by virtue of a vital hinterland offering a comfortable living environment for starters as well as seniors. ‘Hoffelijk’ (Courteous) connects the traditional surroundings of the green village with the current housing demands and ways of living.

The starting-point for a village design along the edge of Schipluiden is the presence of the polder of Midden-Delfland and the recreative component within. ‘Hoffelijk’ uses these qualities to translate a relationship with the landscape in a network of canals and paths. An important spatial feature in the plan is a central path aligned with pollard willows. Green courts along this path form a child friendly collective space framed by a great variety in houses. The site Keenenburg V becomes an easy accessible area with an abundance of different places.
In contrast with the rural setting, the houses are modern and anticipate to the need for diversity in typologies but with a uniform recognizable appearance. The houses are designed as ‘Sunstudios’. Equipped with a dynamic daylight tracker they assure enough entrance of daylight regardless the position, sun angle and weather.

The attractiveness of rural living for a broader range of people is increased by reducing construction costs (and therefore housing prices) by using a smart building system. Facades and roofs are easily build with prefab wooden elements which can also be modified and dismantled. The technology of the dwelling facilitates later adaptations and the offering of choices.
‘Hoffelijk’ secures the future of the village by unifying landscapes, era’s and dwellers in a balanced vision for the site Keenenburg V.