Me Ilumino De Inmenso

El Matadero – Madrid, Spain

Competition 2008

In collaboration with Csaba Tarsoly

For: OCAM and Municipality of Madrid

El Matadero, close to the Rio Manzanares, played a dubious role in the history of Madrid. The complex of slaughterhouses is now abandoned and the different buildings are one by one transformed into cultural facilities. Together with the new park along the river, this area will become one of the more important nodes of activity within the leisure life of the city. For the buildings 8 and 9, the competition requested a new centre of architecture, exhibition space and room for the Intermediae.

This proposal introduces cilindrical elements in both naves housing all the supporting facilities as storage, counters, libraries, bathrooms and vertical access. The existing structure is respected as much as possible and the new cylinders are coverd with soft textile to form a contrast with the roughness of the industrial building.
Room deviding screens can be pulled out of the cylinders to form spaces which, as the brief requested, have a great flexibility. Besides the functions inside the cylinders, they also provide the different areas with ambient lighting and air-conditioning. On the upper floors sunlight enters the building via the ´walls´ of the cylinders.