Nijmegen Glooit!

Europan 9 – Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Competition 2007, Honourable mention, Winner of site

In collaboration with Sander Lap and Silvia Lupini

For: Municipality of Nijmegen and FiftyTwoDegrees C.V

Nijmegen is modest about its origin, but has an impressive landscape of carved height differences offering a special quality, unique in the Netherlands. This landscape is the result of the combination of the fruitful riverbeds of the river Waal and the high dry hills formed by the thrust powers of the massive land ice in the times of the ice age, the Saale Glaciale.
The existing site is now dominated by infrastructure and can be characterized as a transition zone. The roads and tracks cut through the remnants of the original landscape. In the adjacent park this beauty is still visible and therefore a good starting point for rejuvenation of the undulating landscape in the Winkelsteeg area.

The project divides the site in two programmatic areas, using the existing height differences as reference. On the high and dry part, the balcony, housing is located, on the lower part, the valley, offices, station and public space. The HAN (Hub Arnhem Nijmegen) region is introducing new public transport nodes, one of which is planned on this site. Lots of people will enter Nijmegen from this direction, making the site an ideal location to present the cities ambitions.
Housing and the mixed office- / station building are a continuation of the landscape concept. A glass facade functions as a big skin around a diverse inner space in which the station will take an important position. Not just two platforms, but a central part of the space. The office building is a separate building under the glass roof. The space between the office facade and the skin is not only space for ventilation. The shifting floors create nice spaces which will add up to a healthy and pleasant climate inside.