Building on Each Other – Laakhaven, The Hague, Netherlands

Competition 2013, 2nd round

In collaboration with entorno

Contractor: U-build B.V.
Plan economist: Akerboom Spatial Innovation
Composite construction: Fibercore Europe
Fire safety: XA4

For: Municipality The Hague

Tafelkavel envisions a tower that facilitates private developments instead of designing them. Within the structure consisting of L-shaped floors theoretically anything can be built. The tower is expandable in height, can be developed in phases and gives an aesthetic framework independent from the infill.
The floors separate individual developments and are collective property owned by the cooperation of inhabitants or a developer. They are made from glass fibre composite and are rotated 180° every storey. Like this, large cantilevers and areas with double height make it possible to have a lush garden, sunny terrace or maisonette with internal stairs. The diversity in possible housing configurations increases. Also the tower’s cantilevers create a meandering appearance expressing individuality within the structure.

Composite has high strength and little weight, making it possible to have large spans enhancing the flexibility of the floors. The little weight saves on costs due to construction and foundations.
In order to give inhabitants the possibility to park next to their door and to prevent nuisance from building activities elsewhere in the tower, the core is equipped with a car / construction elevator. Now everyday life can continue while the neighbor above is building his apartment.

Urban vitality exists by virtue of a good plinth. Therefore the plinth along the quay has an open and accessible character. Next to the entrance to the tower, space is provided for commerce, leisure, a restaurant, information point for the tower or harbor related activities. Also the plinth has an expedition court and on top of the plinth enough parking places for all inhabitants can be realized.
The potential of the Tafelkavel lies in the attractiveness for a broad spectrum of private developers, which are not afraid to step into a completely new type of project. It is a multi usable concept with the floor as bearer of the individual dream: a free parcel of land up in the sky!